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Carleton, Inc. Looks to Transition SmartPC Clients to Newer Technology

Transitions mandated by software advances and legacy platform modernization

South Bend, Ind. – April 28, 2017 – Carleton, Inc., a leading provider of compliant loan calculation and document generation solutions, today announced that it has begun offering customers of its legacy software, SmartPC, the opportunity to transition to a much newer offering.

As is the common practice in the software/solutions industry, Carleton, Inc. regularly evaluates its products & services to assure that clients achieve both value and success in their lending operations.

Based upon the accelerating advancement in technology in recent years, Carleton determined that the SmartPC product cannot be properly sustained under its existing Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) platform structure (Microsoft itself no longer supports the VB legacy underlying framework).

In anticipation of various and ongoing technology advancements, Carleton developed its next generation origination solution, CarletonAccess® (as a replacement candidate to SmartPC).

Carleton recently informed its SmartPC clients that it will no longer support this product as of September 1, 2017 via a direct communication. SmartPC will be officially “sunset” on that date.

The new CarletonAccess® solution includes all the capabilities of SmartPC, along with an improved user experience.

CarletonAccess® is built upon a solid foundation of today’s technology coupled with best practices for loan origination processing. Furthermore, CarletonAccess® can be easily deployed and integrated with some of the latest lending integrated offerings, including digital document delivery and eSign.

Carleton has begun to work directly with their clients to assure their orderly and cost-effective migrations to CarletonAccess®. Carleton is also honoring honor their maintenance support already paid for SmartPC through the sunset date.

Any clients interested in proceeding with a transition from SmartPC to CarletonAccess® may contact Ken Solnoky at (574) 243 – 6040 Ext 241 to discuss their specific needs for this process to be completed.

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Carleton is the leading provider of compliant lending and leasing calculation software and dynamic document generation software serving the banking, credit union, and auto lending industry. Founded on compliance expertise at a federal and state level in 1969, the company’s client list has grown to include most of the major lenders, credit insurance companies and loan origination software providers in the United States. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, go to or contact Pete Radike, Director of Client & Channel Engagement at 800-433-0090 Ext. 245 or