Carleton, Inc.
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Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

Why we're the x-factor in lending software.



The x-factor is more than a mathematical term. It is defined as an attribute that adds unanticipated value to a situation. We believe that is a very apt description of Carleton. We provide innovative financial solutions that save valuable time, help close loans and ensure regulatory compliance and accuracy.

We have been serving the lending and credit protection industries since 1969. That's Experience second to none. Our Expertise is reflected in our innovative solutions and validated by the loyalty of our clients. And our Excellence speaks to Carleton's reputation for Exceptional performance and products to assure accuracy and regulatory compliance.

We believe our products and services are Exactly what you may need to bring Extra value to the credit-based services you provide your customers. But don't take our word for it. Discover more about us through the pages of this website. Then contact us so we can Explore new and better ways to serve your needs.