Carleton, Inc.
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Compliance Services

Research Department

Over the years, federal and state regulations have increased in complexity creating a vast range of legal interpretations.  Providing compliant computations is further compounded due to incongruent mathematical coding by system providers in their attempts to comply. Carleton’s research team provides the clarity and experienced regulatory insight so that lender loan computations are accurate and in compliance. 

Compliance Support

Carleton is the leading authority for loan calculation accuracy.  Every Carleton product comes with support in three critical areas: defining the calculation methods that meet the lenders' guidelines and related lending regulations, providing proof of the accuracy and compliance related to the lending transactions; and monitoring changes in regulations on a state and federal basis that impact the calculations used by Carleton clients. 

Consulting Services

Carleton provides confidential consulting services for lending clients related to the validation and re-computing of lending transactions based on a defined set of lending and regulatory guidelines.  We have the expertise to help clients define a compliant set of guidelines and perform loan analysis based on the guidelines for use internally or by lending examiners.  Our consulting services include calculation analysis and validation, CarletonAudit Compliance review, portfolio audits, loan recasting, and expert witness support.

Subscription Services and Publications

Carleton provides financial information publications and services that educate and inform clients on regulations related to loan origination and servicing.  Our publications include a regulatory subscription service titled “Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States”, research reports that provide an in-depth analysis of specific loan computation issues; and financial training presentations Carleton has provided to clients and regulators.  Our research blogs also serve as a catalyst for Carleton, clients and regulators to discuss and provide information related to loan and lease computations and regulations.