Carleton, Inc.
Consumer Lending Software


CarletonPC is a 32-bit Windows® application designed to help close more loans and sell more credit insurance, all with guaranteed calculation compliance. The increase in efficiency, loan closings, and credit insurance sales quickly justifies the cost of this proven payment-quoting product. Let CarletonPC provide your organization with the same benefits and compliance assurances that many of the major lending institutions have taken advantage of over the years.

Calculation Compliance

Carleton has long been recognized as the leader in the industry for providing payment quoting software that is accurate and in compliance. Thirty years of experience working with legislators and administrators in all fifty states helps assure a payment quoting product in compliance for your lending environment.

Credit Insurance Capabilities

Carleton’s thirty years of working with all the major credit insurance companies provides the necessary expertise for accurate credit insurance computations in compliance nationwide. CarletonPC was designed to provide quick and accurate calculations for virtually every type of credit insurance available including Credit Life and Disability (single premium and MOB), Property, Involuntary Unemployment Insurance, Age Banded Coverage and Debt Cancellation Products.

Software Flexibility and Ease of Use

CarletonPC provides the ability to easily and quickly compute the simplest or the most complex consumer loan, with or without credit insurance. CarletonPC can easily be tailored for banking, retail sales, auto and boat financing and second mortgage lending environments. User friendly prompts and full screen interface makes it easy to solve for payment or cash advance as well as play "what if" with your customer. The multi-insurance quote feature displays the "cost per day" and "cost per payment" for the addition of insurance protection under the different insurance coverages making it easy to illustrate how inexpensive and affordable it is to add insurance protection to a loan. CarletonPC makes it easy to customize a loan transaction to meet the financial and insurance needs of your customer.

Through the use of "case files", separate lending and credit insurance compliance parameters can be established for each lending state and/or each loan type within a state providing flexibility and customization for your lending environment. Within each "case file", select fee methods, interest accrual methods, time counting calendars, and multiple insurance carriers, rates, and limits. This flexibility in the computations assures consistency and compliance with your loan processing system, credit insurance company, and state regulations.

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