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Payday Lending

Carleton has provided support for many years to a number of major payday lenders in the industry.  As payday lending expands to offer closed-end lending, Carleton’s robust irregular and seasonal loan origination software is a proven solution for providing compliant disclosure that will meet all the wide variety of flexible payment schedules offered when originating or re-financing payday loans. 

The federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) now plays a major “watchdog” role making sure payday lenders are in compliance.  Carleton is dedicated to playing a supportive role to the industry by providing compliance loan origination software and support services.   Carleton has played a supportive role to the industry in providing consulting services related to the interest earning and compliant federal TIL disclosures.

Please visit our CarletonCalcs section for a detailed description of our irregular and seasonal loan origination payment software designed to meet the scheduling requirements of payday closed-end lending. 

Carleton’s strength and expertise is keeping our payday LOS partners and payday lenders in compliance today and when regulatory changes occur in the future.

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