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Consumer Lending

Since 1969, the nation’s leading lending institutions, credit insurance companies and loan origination system providers have relied on Carleton to provide consumer lending calculation software and compliance support.  As technology in the lending industry has changed, we have used technology to enhance our expertise in providing innovative consumer lending calculation solutions.

CarletonCalcs calculation software and support services are used by most of the major loan origination software (LOS) providers such as Fiserv, Open Solutions, Jack Henry, FIS, CMSI, and CRIF.   CarletonCalcs software supports all lending calculations related to consumer loans, first and second real estate loans, and commercial loans.   LOS providers can rely on Carleton’s expertise in providing consumer loan calculations in compliance at the state and federal level for all their lending clients’ loan products. 

Carleton has many major lender clients who offer consumer loans nationwide such as PNC Bank, SunTrust Bank, TD North Bank, and Iberia Bank.  These major lenders have all chosen Carleton as a long-time partner because of Carleton’s 40 years of experience providing guaranteed accuracy for all lending calculations and nationwide compliance support—today and as regulations change in the future.

In addition, CarletonDocs software is used by many of the LOS providers for generating accurate and compliant lending documents. 

Carleton will support generating of all lender-required documents to close a loan.  We will also provide lending documents through our established relationship with most of the consumer lending document providers, such as WKFS, CUNA, and Securian.

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