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Consumer Lending
Many of the major lenders in the United States rely on Carleton for compliant and accurate loan calculations.  Carleton has partnered with most of the major loan origination software companies, providing nationwide compliant calculation and document generation software support for consumer, mortgage, and commercial lending.

Most of the major captives and auto lenders rely on Carleton for compliant and accurate loan and lease calculations.   Carleton is proud to have partnerships with the major auto DMS, menu selling, and CRM software companies providing nationwide compliant lending, leasing calculations, and document generation software and support services.

Credit Insurance
Over the years, Carleton has established a working relationship with all the credit insurance companies, providing lending and leasing solutions supporting all their credit insurance and debt protection products.  Carleton software solutions support compliant computations that meet the requirements of the credit insurance company, lender, and state regulations on a nationwide basis. 

Student Lending
Carleton’s calculation software computes student loan transactions compliantly meeting federal regulations.   Carleton has partnered with many of the major student loan servicing companies providing compliant calculations for loan origination and servicing of student loans. 

Payday Lending
Carleton’s calculation software supports the irregular payment environments of payday lending with federal and state regulatory requirements for providing compliant and accurate disclosures for new and refinanced transactions.