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The Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States

The Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States (COPB) is a subscription service that summarizes over 400 different lending statutes and regulations.

Each state also has a listing of published prima facie Credit Life and Accident & Health insurance rates. The insurance also contains pertinent information such as when a discount for interest and mortality must be applied and any regulatory limitations on terms and amounts.

COPB also serves as a primer on consumer lending math with sections on classes of lending, interest rate calculations, Truth-in-Lending disclosure requirements, and rebate calculations and methods.

Carleton monitors state and federal regulatory changes from a plethora of different financial service associations, legal firms and government agencies to ensure their software is always in compliance and the updates their clients receive to their COPB subscription will ensure that they are comprehensive and complete.

The Cost of Personal Borrowing in the United States- Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Summary of Federal Truth-in-Lending Act

Chapter 2:  Methods of Computing Interest Charges

Chapter 3:  Classes of Loans and Lenders

Chapter 4:  The Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC)

Chapter 5:  Prepayment and Rebates

Chapter 6:  Credit Insurance Premium Calculation

Chapter 7:  Credit Sale/Auto Summary of State Late Charge Maximums

Chapter 8:  Mortgage Lending Overview

Chapter 9:  Examination of the States

Chapter 10:  Financial Charge Tables