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Internal control over compliance is a highly scrutinized segment of the personal lending industry and your individual lending businesses. Carleton has a consultation review process wich provides a tailored solution to meet a client's unique requirements. Services include reviewing loan origination or loan servicing loan computations for accurate and compliant loan calculations. Carleton also provides auditing and validation services for a single loan transaction, or a portfolio of loans. Our compliance review systems can to facilitate the processing of high volumes of loan transactions in a short time period. We will provide the financial analysis and results in an electronic format for loading into a lending system or in a printed report format.

Standard Services

Consultation services can be tailored to include all of the following services depending on your needs:

  • CarletonAudit® Compliance Review - Carleton's independent third-party calculation compliance and audit services meet the requirements of the CFPB and state statutes. Our experienced research department will analyze your lending documents, LOS payment streams and servicing system to insure all are in alignment with the proper disclosure and earnings of interest and fees as required by federal and state regulations. More
  • Expert Witness Service - Carleton will provide a professional and credible compliance analysis of a lending transaction(s) that defines the basis of computations and proof of computation accuracy that can used in a court of law. More
  • Training Seminars - Whether you need to train new hires, need continuing education, or you need someone to back you up in a legal or examination dispute, Carleton has you covered. More