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Rate Genius Strengthens Compliance Through Carleton Partnership

AUSTIN, TX – Rate Genius Inc. has partnered with Carleton Inc. to strengthen their computational capabilities and compliance support within its new state of the art loan origination system, Finance Genius.

Rate Genius, a major provider of auto financing services to banks and credit unions, recently expanded its services to its lender clients with the introduction of Finance Genius. Finance Genius is an internet based loan origination system and is designed to service large volumes of consumer loan products efficiently while increasing quality and accuracy. The system has proven to allow lending institutions to increase volume without adding employees therefore making the entire process more profitable.

It was important that Finance Genius provided a robust and compliant calculation solution that had nationwide support and had the ability to correctly implement regulatory changes on a timely basis for their clients. “With more than 250 state laws and regulations nationwide related to lending and credit insurance computations, we turned to Carleton who has over 40 years experience for providing computational accuracy and the best possible support for our clients” said CEO Chris Brown.

Carleton provides financial web services and web applications for lending and leasing that ensure regulatory compliance and computational accuracy. “Carleton is excited to be a part of the Rate Genius team and appreciate the confidence that Rate Genius has placed in our company for compliant loan calculation support.” said Pat Ruszkowski, Carleton president and CEO.

About Rate Genius

Rate Genius was founded in 1999 and teams with credit unions and banks, as well as national lending institutions, to help consumers refinance new car loans. In addition, Rate Genius provides comprehensive services that include Gap Coverage, Extended Warranties as well as Credit Life Insurance and Disability Insurance products. Rate Genius is located in Austin, TX. For more Information go to

About Carleton, Inc.

Carleton Inc. is the country’s leading provider of financial calculation software, loan origination and compliance support, and document delivery software. Founded in conjunction with the Truth-InLending act in the late 1960’s, their client list has grown to include most of the major lenders, automotive finance captive companies, credit insurance companies, and loan origination software providers in the United States. Carleton Inc. is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana. For more information, visit