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iLendx and Carleton Announce Integration Partnership with iLendx’s Digital Lending Experience Platform, DLXTM

DLXTM is a suite of turnkey digital lending solutions that will make online lending easier than ever for customers, banks and financial institutions.

San Antonio, Sept. 28, 2018 -- Texas-based digital solutions company iLendx announced today that it has completed a suite of turnkey digital lending solutions for consumers called DLXTM. By partnering with Carleton, the nation’s leader in financial calculation software, and integrating CarletonDocs® and CarletonCalcs®, iLendx was able to make DLXTM an end-to-end digital origination experience for consumers and financial institutions. 

With DLXTM, customers can apply and get prequalified for an auto loan, home equity line of credit, or auto refinance in a matter of minutes, all from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The entire process is digital, simple and fast and can be completed without printing a piece of paper, picking up a pen or stepping foot inside a bank or financial institution.

With the integration of CarletonDocs® and CarletonCalcs®, DLXTM can actually transfer customer data into a document that can be e-signed and sent directly to loan origination services. This strategic partnership and integration marked the final step in completing DLXTM and was a key move in the development of the platform, says Andy Ivankovich, CEO and founder of iLendx.

“Within the development of DLXTM, loan documents and calculations are the foundation of the loan transaction between the consumer and the bank,” Ivankovich says. “Carleton’s technology is superior to all other document and calculation software solutions. I’m thrilled that our strategic partnership with Carleton features their depth of compliance resources, innovative technology, and excellent design so that iLendx can bring the groundbreaking DLXTM product to market.”

“The consumer lending landscape continues to evolve towards innovative digital lending channels with a streamlined process.  Carleton has embraced this movement, while continuing to provide compliant lending solutions in today’s litigiously regulated lending environment,” stated Pat Ruszkowski, President of Carleton.  “Through our partnership with iLendx, Carleton delivers upon its 50 years of experience in compliant calculations and document generation through federal, state, and institutional level computational enforcement.”

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About iLendx:

Based in Texas, the team at iLendx creates innovative digital lending and banking capabilities for financial institutions. iLendx is also the creator of the Digital Lending Experience (DLXTM), a subscription-based platform for financial institutions which revolutionizes the origination of auto loans, credit cards, unsecured loans, HELOCs, and new account opening for checking & savings products. DLXTM is used by large institutions like AAA, credit unions, and community banks like Broadway National. Learn more at

About Carleton Inc.:

Carleton is the country's leading provider of financial calculation software, loan origination compliance support, and document delivery software. Based in South Bend, IN, Carleton has more than 40 years of leadership in the rapidly-changing regulatory industry with guaranteed accuracy in all their calculations and disclosures to fulfil compliance requirements today and the future. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, go to or contact Pete Radike, Director of Client & Channel Engagement at 800-433-0090 Ext. 245 or