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Fortegra & Carleton Partner to Streamline Calculations Featuring Credit Insurance

Collaboration seamlessly delivers loan computations & compliance support

Jacksonville, FL. / South Bend, IN. (May 30, 2019)Fortegra Financial Corporation (“Fortegra”), a leading international specialty insurer and subsidiary of Tiptree Inc., announces a new partnership with Carleton, Inc., the nation’s leader in financial calculation software, to provide a seamless interface for lending platforms to easily and accurately calculate loan payments with Fortegra’s credit protection product.

This new partnered solution allows Fortegra clients to accurately quote and present Fortegra’s credit protection products directly within their lending platform through CarletonCalcs® API interface. Credit Insurance calculations remain a burden for many lending platforms and this difficulty inhibits product promotion for many lenders.

With more than 150 integrated partnerships, the CarletonCalcs® API has eliminated the calculation burden that lending platforms encounter by providing a proven interface designed with easy integration as a central software feature.

“Automation has become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have requirement in our industry,” said Mike Ferris, Fortegra Senior VP, Credit Protection. “At Fortegra, we’re always looking for new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Thanks to our new relationship with Carleton, we’re making loan submission and accessibility much faster and more efficient, once again helping Fortegra clients “Experience More.”

Through this integrated delivery, it will easily provide dealers and lenders with the ability to quickly calculate loan information—including interest, fees, taxes, and credit insurance rates—as well as assure that data is compliant within a dealer’s business decisions and governmental regulations. The Fortegra/Carleton partnered solution has been successfully adopted by multiple satisfied clients.

“We’re proud to partner with Fortegra to streamline the loan process for their clients and allow them to accurately compute and present their credit protection products within their client’s lending platforms,” said Matt Ruszkowski, President of Carleton. “As the credit insurance industry continues to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape and provide automation for its customers, Fortegra is taking the important steps to remain an industry leader with their customers’ ease-of-use and satisfaction as key to that continued success.”

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About Fortegra

Fortegra Financial Corporation (a Tiptree Inc. company) and its subsidiaries comprise a single-source insurance services provider that offers a range of consumer protection options including warranty solutions, credit insurance, and specialty underwriting programs. Delivering multifaceted coverage with an unmatched service experience for domestic and international partners and their customers, Fortegra solves immediate, everyday needs, empowering consumers to worry less and Experience More.

About Carleton, Inc.

Carleton is the country's leading provider of financial calculation software, loan origination compliance support, and document generation software. Based in South Bend, Indiana, in 2019 Carleton is celebrating over 50 years of leadership in this rapidly-changing regulatory industry. Carleton assures accuracy in all their calculations and disclosures to enable their partners to fulfill compliance requirements today and into the future.