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Carleton Introduces Next Generation Financial Calulations Module "OriginationPlus"

The OriginationPlus module leverages the CarletonCalcs® Origination and Compliance modules together in a single API call to compute transactions that are compliant from internal institutional thresholds as well as federal, state usury requirements.   

OriginationPlus allows Carleton’s clients to maximize their profit by computing transactions at or near internal and state maximum allowable rates.  If a specific transaction exceeds the state usury or internal maximum policy interest or finance charges, Carleton’s Origination Plus engine will reduce the interest rate automatically consistent with an amount set by institutional guidelines until the transaction passes the compliance validation.

This solution allows Carleton’s partners to streamline the compliant calculation process by utilizing one API call versus computing a multiple transactions and validating compliance separately.

For more information on OriginationPlus, please contact your Carleton Representative.