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Carleton and LogicFI Launch Successful Integration

Ease of Marrying Compliant Calculations to LOS Cited as Key Achievement

South Bend, Ind. – March 16, 2017 – Carleton, Inc., a leading provider of compliant loan calculation and document generation solutions, today announced that it has successfully partnered with Online Lending Technology Platform, LogicFI, to deliver an integrated Loan Origination calculations imbedded solution.

The crowning achievements of the integration were the rapid integration itself, along with the ability of LogicFI to launch their solution for multiple lending products on a nationwide basis simultaneously. The integrated deployment of Carleton’s calculations solution within the LogicFI’s platform was accomplished in less than 10 days.

Using Carleton’s industry-leading loan computation calculations, LogicFI was empowered to avoid the significant burden of sustaining their own calculations while needing to assure their lending customers that all loans continued to meet federal and state-specific regulations.

LogicFIFurthermore, LogicFI realized continued value from the ability to manage their own configuration settings on behalf of lenders, in contrast to legacy practices of ongoing and cumbersome programming changes, to accomplish the same high level of customer satisfaction. Carleton’s proven web-services integration provided the means for an effective and expedited launch.

“We’re excited! Partnering with Carleton will provide significant value to both our company (LogicFI), and more importantly, our clients.  With Carleton, we can easily set up and configure our client’s loan calculations in a matter of hours with the confidence of knowing they will be complaint and correct. This saves us and our clients hours, if not days, of internal testing and auditing.  Our partnership enables us to get our client’s products deployed to market quicker, helping them to remain competitive in today’s fast moving online lending environment,” stated LogicFI CEO, Michael Perkins.

Carleton’s computation calculations have been successfully integrated with a significant number of Loan Origination technologies, with the LogicFI deployment being the most recent and one of the most rapid deployments ever.

LogicFI intends to extend the Carleton integration to include its Compliance component later in 2017.

About Carleton Inc.

Carleton is the leading provider of compliant lending and leasing calculation software and dynamic document generation software serving the banking, credit union, and auto lending industry. Founded on compliance expertise at a federal and state level in 1969, the company’s client list has grown to include most of the major lenders, credit insurance companies and loan origination software providers in the United States. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, go to or contact Pete Radike, Director of Client & Channel Engagement at 800-433-0090 Ext. 245 or

About LogicFI

LogicFI is an end-to-end digital lending and underwriting platform that enables financial institutions to better compete in today’s online lending market. Its streamlined process enables customers to apply online for credit and receive a pre-approval decision in real time. The technology is modular and customizable, allowing for a seamless integration of existing credit policies, scorecards, and risk-adjusting pricing models. LogicFI is based in Nashville, TN. To learn more about LogicFI, go to or contact Carlos Campos at or by phone at 888-487-5722.