Compliance Alerts




AB 4044 prohibits non-disclosure clauses in any agreement entered into by a consumer for the purchase or lease of a new motor vehicle, or related to subsequent repairs of a nonconformity for that motor vehicle. Effective April 6, 2018.


SB 2968 / Chapter 308 establishes an electronic lien and title system for motor vehicles in New Jersey. The act requires implementation by January 16, 2019. Once implemented, all lienholders, except those who do not normally engage in the business of financing motor vehicles, will be mandated to use the system within one year of implementation. Effective January 16, 2018.


SB 3555 amends R.S.39:3-27 to exempt non-profit organizations in the State that provide transportation services exclusively to persons with developmental disabilities from registration fees for motor vehicles. Effective January 16, 2018.