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Is It Really a 360 Day Year?

Whenever, in the discussion of consumer credit calculations, I hear someone say “Well, that’s a 360 day year,” I ask myself “Is it really?” and “Why would you want to craft your disclosure calculations to conform to that in the 21st century”. The concept of the “360 day year” is a bit like the energizer bunny: No matter its age, it goes…and it goes…and… well, you get the idea.

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Posted on Dec 07, 2012

More on Truth in Lending APR Disclosures

It’s pretty obvious that the subject of interest rates versus APR’s just isn’t going away. The topic arises daily in our customer service area with questions from clients and users of our software. The more we deal with it, the more we realize it is actually a multifaceted issue.

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Posted on Oct 12, 2012

U.S. Rule vs Actuarial Method APR Disclosure

While the subject has been around now for over 30 years, it’s still a question we get asked a lot: should I use the actuarial or U.S. Rule method to compute and disclose the A.P.R.?

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Posted on Sep 17, 2012

It's All in the Payment - Part II

We’ve been away for a while without a new blog post waiting for the launch of the new Carleton, Inc. website which will be the new home of the Carleton Compliance Blog. Like any undertaking of that magnitude, it is taking a bit longer than originally planned but we’re almost there.

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Posted on Aug 27, 2012

Credit Management Solutions Inc. (CMSI) Forms Partnership with Carleton

Credit Management Solutions Inc (CMSI) , a leading provider of credit automation systems for all types of consumer lending, announced today the full integration of Carleton’s consumer lending calculation and compliance engine, CarletonCalcs, into their loan origination system, Origenate. 

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Posted on Aug 10, 2012

Rate Genius Strengthens Compliance Through Carleton Partnership

Rate Genius Inc. has partnered with Carleton Inc. to strengthen their computational capabilities and compliance support within its new state of the art loan origination system, Finance Genius.

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Posted on May 17, 2012

Do your lending calculations handle leap year?

It’s leap day, February 29th. While leap day, and leap year, is ostensibly a corrective calendar measure, attributed most often to Julius Caesar, I am always intrigued when it rolls around every fourth year as to what effect it may, or may not, have on lending and servicing systems.

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Posted on Feb 29, 2012

E-Credit Express partners with Carleton, Inc.

E-Credit Express Inc, a patent-pending automated lender management platform (LMP), announced that E-Credit Express has integrated Carleton’s CarletonDocs and CarletonCalcs hosted web services into E-Credit Express’s LMP. Carleton is the premier provider of lending compliance software products to many of the major auto lending captives and lenders in the auto industry.

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Posted on Feb 21, 2012