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LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS and Carleton, Inc. Announce Integration Partnership

Featuring Auto Lending Enhanced Compliance Solution

Jacksonville, FL and South Bend, IN: LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS, a technology provider specializing in sub-prime automotive loan originations, announced today a strategic integration partnership with Carleton, Inc. giving auto lenders enhanced compliance solutions. The integration with Carleton and LAUNCHER.SOLUTION's appTRAKER Loan Origination System is seamless, and beneficial for lenders as it ensures compliance requirements are met.

appTRAKER Loan Origination System was designed by experts in the automotive lending industry, specifically geared towards sub/near-prime lenders. Because of stringent compliance regulations on the state and federal levels, the integration partnership with Carleton adds superior value to appTRAKER LOS. Carleton ensures all loans are compliant with Federal Truth-In-Lending disclosure requirements, state statutory and regulatory computational requirements, as well as the lender's own rules and policies.

Launcher Solutions“Carleton is an expert in the compliance arena,” said Nikh Nath, President of LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS. “They bring value to appTRAKER and give our clients added peace of mind, knowing their compliance is properly handled.” LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has successfully integrated Carleton for computational compliance within its startup loan origination solution using CarletonCalcs technology. 

“With Federal and State regulatory oversight not going away, Carleton continues to enhance and provide our partners with best-in-class solutions that takes the computational compliance burden off of them and their lenders,” says Matt Ruszkowski, Carleton’s Vice President of Business Development.  “By integrating our CarletonCalcs components, LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has positioned themselves to launch appTRAKER starting out from day one with Federal and State compliant calculations on behalf of all of their current and future clients.”

Lenders utilizing appTRAKER LOS will automatically be operating with Carleton's compliance software during their originations process. Using Carleton's industry-leading loan computation calculations, appTRAKER LOS will be able to efficiently meet both Federal and State-specific regulations while also reducing laborious programming changes via simplified configuration settings.

About LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS: LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS is a technology products and services company built on the foundation of care, understanding. innovation, and speed. It specializes in the subprime/near prime automotive lending industry. Its innovative products include appTRAKER LOS, myDEALER.CARE dealer relationship management system, and myACCOUNT.CARE customer self-service and communication solution.  LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has service offerings aimed at helping its clients with projects related to data analytics, data integration, telephony and custom web development. Learn more about LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS at Follow us on LinkedIn at

About Carleton, Inc.: Carleton is the leading provider of compliant lending and leasing calculation software and dynamic document generation software serving the banking, credit union, and auto lending industry. Founded on compliance expertise at a federal and state level in 1969, the company’s client list has grown to include most of the major lenders, credit insurance companies and loan origination software providers in the United States. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, go to or contact Pete Radike, Director of Client & Channel Engagement at (574) 243-6040 Ext. 245 or

Posted on Oct 03, 2017